Being a leading national private company in the construction, property and tourism services industry, growing sustainably, providing welfare to employees, managers, shareholders and other stakeholders and achieving good corporate governance concepts.


To achieve that vision, GUNUNG SAMUDERA GROUP implements missions such as:

1. The maximum empowerment of the six pillars of Construction, Property and Tourism, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Quality and Information Technology.

2. Equate perceptions among managers to maintain corporate values ​​and achieve common goals.

3. Applying the principles of Accuracy and Wisdom in decision making and good corporate governance.

4. Increased competition in the globalization era through cooperation with national and international contracting companies.

5. Empowering communities around the project to open jobs and improve the welfare of the community

6. “CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE” in working to provide the best for consumers with the latest work with attention to quality. 

A Team of Passionate People

Beyond bricks and mortar, people are the backbone of our business. We value relationships with the people we serve—our clients, contractors, suppliers and associates. Together we can enhance the quality of life for all.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

By attracting and retaining the best construction professionals in our industry, we are able to maintain the highest standards and ethics.

Our Story

we continue a commitment to excellence by striving for quality in every job regardless of size, budget or time line. We still maintain the same foundation of integrity, trust and mutual respect that has made the business an ever-expanding success, and one of the premier contractors in the country. We live where we work and take immeasurable pride in the results we see every day.

Our Development Process

A wide community of professionals works together with us to deliver quality projects on time and within budget.


To start something, we pay attention to every aspect very well


In order to match quality with efficiency in construction, technology has to play a part.


Advancements in technology make buildings increasingly complex. Yet the demand for timely, quality and cost effective delivery has not changed.

Providing the best service

Our services have reached many people throughout Indonesia and have had a positive impact on many areas